The Undercover Kids

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Gloria Smith Zawaski, the creator of magical mysteries

Meet Gloria Smith-Zawaski, the author of The Undercover Kids Adventure Series!

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Just like Katie and Jake, Gloria is an adventurer too! She grew up a tomboy in Illinois, 
loves westerns and the outdoors and has a deep love of animals, especially horses! She is an avid trail rider and likes to end each day with a long ride on her Arabian horse, “True Colors” or TC for short! Her Springer spaniel, Bailey, has slowed down a bit over the years, but he once bore an uncanny resemblance to Cooper!

Gloria likes to fly planes and even her husband, Alex, has flown a single engine plane around the world! He introduced her to the love of flying and together they’ve flown everywhere from the Bahamas to Siberia.

She lives in Middletown, New York and is still Dirk’s and Conroy’s mom, even though her sons are grown up now.

And yes, there are more books on the way! Gloria is now busy with Katie, Jake and Cooper as they travel to Mongolia! Look for The Undercover Kids Mongolian Adventure in the spring of 2010. We can't wait!